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    New DX58SO build: No video, no post, no beeps.


      Putting together a new build from the Intel Retail Edge program consisting of the DX58SO and the i7-920. Other components include a 1000w Corsair PSU, Corsair Dominator Ram, Geforce 260GTX. Everything to the best of my knowledge is compatible in the system. Upon booting it up for the first time, all the fans spin and the system seems to power on, but no video, no post, no beeps. The green ambient light is on on the motherboard, the HDD blue activity light on the bottom of the DX58SO flashes for one quick moment then no other activity. Since there was no error beeps, I thought it might be a bad video card, so I pulled the memory to try to get a no memory post beep. Still nothing. At this point I pulled out the PS box and replaced the motherboard 12v cable as well as the PCI-E 12v cables with new ones, in different order, etc. Still nothing. The 4-pin Molex and SATA connectors on the motherboard are connected and well seated. CPU Paste was spread in a line over the cores and then evenly spread by seating the block on top.


      I'm at ends here! I've got no LED's or error codes to go off of...I see that there are several no post D58SO topics. I've read through all that I can find.


      Thanks for your help,