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    SE7520db2 - DDR1 - Boot problems


      I rebooted my server with the original CD that came with the MB in the cd drive. I went back to the server room and saw it booted to the intel cd.

      Steps i took.


      1. I turned it off and removed the cd.
      2. Booted back up
      3. Now it no longer sees my SATA or SCSI during boot and also gives me a PXE04 and PXE05 error on post, i have reloaded the BIOS and this did nothing.
      4. Loaded BIos Defaults set sata back to raid mode and still no post data for the contoller


      Please help intel no longer supports this board. i called and they said maybe a bios recovery would work.

      Any ideas this is gonna ruin my holiday!