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    Intel Turbo Memory Dashboard questions and feature suggestion.


      I have been using a 4GB Intel Turbo Memory card in my Thinkpad X61 Tablet PC (2GB RAM, Win 7 Pro) for a week now. Overall some software has benefited tremendously from User Pinning, really nice. However I see some weird behaviour of the ITM Dashboard application (driver version, and I was wondering if I am alone:


      • Over time, the used space goes down (i.e., 25% ---> 15%), some files in accelerated applications get unchecked. Do you think this is normal? And if not, does it cause performance loss?
      • Sometimes CPU usage of the ITM service goes up to 50% for extended periods, basically using one of the cores fully. Is this normal?
      • I noticed in one occasion User Pinning caused a software to malfunction: MS Word 2007 didn't create backup files even though I turned the option on (after having it accelerated). After long troubleshooting searches, I thought of removing it from the accelerated list and putting back again. It worked. This gives me a huge concern on the reliability of the ITM Dashboard application. How does ITM Dashboard keep up with the changes in software options?


      As a solution to these problems I created an empty profile and chose to switch back and forth between my default and empty profiles. It helps. 15% full card jumps back to 28% again. But this is a time consuming task and I would prefer the software to do it, automatically.


      I'm wondering if Intel developers are reading these forums, but I have a humble suggestion as a solution: Why not put an option like periodic re-generation of accelerated software list (if it is not there already). And why not another option to do this manually, on as-needed basis?