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    Spare faceplate




      I recently bought a new motherboard from an action. I got it home and it was missing the manual, disk and faceplate (the little metalic plate that neatens up the ports on the back of the computer). I can obviously download the manual and drivers, but is there anywhere I can go to simply to purchase a spare face plate?


      - David.

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          IN Intels support page is a link to a place called industryeducation.com there you can get replacement faceplates ( about $10-$15 )  or google the name of the place. I got a plate for My DP45SG took about 3 days Not too bad.

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            If you contact Intel support, they should send you one free specially if you didn't get one in the box.


            intel support:


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              Thank you Robert Cpt.Dogfruit for your responses.


              I have found the Intel website that contained a list of all their IO Shields:


              and found that a link on that page went to "Industry Educations's" website where one can be purchased for a few dollars plus postage. The site is not accepting the security check for my credit card, but that is a problem for another day.


              The motherboard in question was bought at an auction for a local distributer who went broke recently. The board was from an OEM bulk box. Somewhere the manual, disk and IO shield got separated. I did ring the auction house to find out if there where any left over, but all had been cleared out by then. So this is not an Intel problem and I would not feel right in asking for another one for free.


              - David.