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    SCCM Certificates required for child sites?


      Good Afternoon all,

      I am attempting to configure Wake on Lan for a customer who has multiple sites.  We have purchased a provisioning cert from GoDaddy for the Central site server which also sefrves as the OOB management point for the site.  So far provisioning has hit a few bumps (I'll be posting seperately about that) but some machines are provisioning.  The site architechture is pretty simple.  There is a central site with a few secondary sites below it, and a primary site below the central site, which also has some secondary sites below it.  My question is, do I need to purchase another cert for the OOB management point in the primary site below the central site?   If not, do I just import the sert I have now into the primary servers store?


      Any and all help is appreciated.