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    Reason the SSD tool was pulled


      FYI. Just to keep the masses informed. See link http://www.intel.com/support/ssdc/hpssd/sb/CS-031020.htm

      And this link http://www.intel.com/support/ssdc/hpssd/sb/CS-031073.htm


      "Microsoft* alerted Intel to an issue with the Intel® SSD Optimizer tool and Intel is working on a fix to the issue. After the SSD Optimizer is run, the SSD Optimizer renders all previously set Windows* system restore points unusable. However, user data is not affected. The SSD Optimizer tool is part of the Intel® SSD Toolbox (ver 1.1).

      This applies only to users who meet all four criteria below:

      • Use Windows*7 or Vista and
      • Use the System Protection feature which sets system restore points (enabled by default in Windows*7 and Vista*) and
      • Have installed 02HA firmware and
      • Have used Intel SSD Optimizer (which was available from intel.com from 10/26 to 11/4).

      A workaround for this issue and additional details are available here. Intel will give regular updates on this issue. Please note this issue is not related to the Intel SSD firmware update process covered in a separate announcement (Intel® Solid-State Drive Firmware Update)."


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