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    i7 NUC won't power on


      I recently purchased and assembeled a new i7 NUC kit.  It was running great for a week but then I powered it down, put it in my bag and took it home to continue work.  When I got home and plugged it in, it won't power on.  No LED codes, no anything.  The machine has been GREAT up until this point.  I had a few issues with the correct order of installing the drivers, but after I got the OS installed and drivers loaded, it has been ROCK SOLID.  Now it is just DEAD.


      I have tried a different power adapter.  Reset the CMOS.  Reseated all chips.  Still nothing.


      G.Skill 2x8gb RIPjaw 1600MHz dual memory DDR3L (1.35v)

      128GB Samsung m.2 SSD

      Toshiba 2TB HD

      WIN7 Pro x64 SP1 All updates current

      AVG Free AV


      Please help!!!


      It makes no sense why it would just stop working after being fine.