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    DH61WW Power Issue


      Motherboard is powered. CPU n Syst Fans are running but 'STDBY' LED is lit and system won't Boot. Please guide.

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          You will need to provide us with more information. We need background details like what BIOS version, what processor, what memory, what SSD/HDD/SSHD/ODD configuration, what add-in cards, what USB devices plugged in, what operating system, etc.


          How did system arrive into this state? That is, what were you doing just prior to this occurring?

          If you power it off and then back on, what happens? Are you seeing splash screen and prompts for F2, F7, F10 keys?

          When you power it on, can you get into BIOS Setup (i.e. by immediately and repeatedly hitting F2 key)?



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            Hello scott. Updating details as requested...


            BIOS Ver. : Unknown

            Memory: Seagate 250gb sata & Transcend 4gb DDR3 RAM

            ODD: LG sata dvdrw

            GFX Card: Sapphire AMD/ATI HD7770 1GB DDR5

            Peripherals: standard Microsoft keyboard & optical mouse.(wired combo)

            No other USB devices / peripherals attached.

            PSU: Local brand (500watts)

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              ... Errr.. Just before this issue; I disassembled all components & cleaned the system- something I've done before. When I start the system, I'm unable to get into BIOS setup at all as display remains blank.

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                I have few questions,

                Is this a new integration?

                Do you have video at all?


                I recommend checking the following article

                Desktop Boards — No Boot Troubleshooting Wizard

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                  Let me reiterate something mentioned in the wizard. It is important to eliminate as many variables from the analysis as possible. Do the following:


                  1. Take the board and power supply out of the chassis and place them on a non-static surface. If you have no other choices, use plain paper (not cardboard; some are conducting!) spread out on top of your desk surface.
                  2. Install only one DIMM and out it into the Channel A DIMM 0 socket.
                  3. Connect monitor to motherboard video outputs; do not install video card.
                  4. Connect only keyboard and mouse and use only USB 2.0 ports on the board's back panel (the black ones).


                  You will need to power up by shorting pins 6 & 8 of the front panel header. These pins are usually colored red. I usually use a small slot screwdriver for this, so that I can touch both of these pins without touching any others.



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                    No.. This isn't a new integration. I'm trying these steps now. The optical mouse shows power but keyboard shows no power indicators. Both connected to back panel USB slots. I'll retry these steps just to be sure.