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    Recovery Volume versus Raid 1 Volume


      I am currently running a 2-disk Raid-1 volume, but noticed that an alternative might be to run a Recovery Volume.


      Now the Intel site states that "A recovery volume uses RAID 1 technology (mirroring) to copy data from a designated master drive to a designated recovery drive, either continuously or on request."


      To be honest, I don't really understand what the difference is between a Recovery Volume, compared to a Raid-1 volume - can someone please explain in  plain English , and what are the pros/cons of each?  I am using IRST


      Thank you,.



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          I hope I'm not hijacking this thread. I too have questions about Recovery Volume versus Raid 1 Volume. What are the Pro's and Con's? Also, what are the drive requirements for the Recovery Volume. If the drive has slower access time and write speed will the performance of the protected drive be slowed? Will the software do a "Verify and Repair" if there is a power failure or some other improper shutdown, sleep or restart cycle.

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            The Intel Matrix Storage Manager says "A partition that does not take up all of the space on the hard drive (4-5MB of free space should be sufficient)".


            Why the nebulous 4-5MB free space requirement for a disk to be RAID-Ready? How much is really needed?

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              I recently discover RAID systems, and right now work in Recovery mode (v8.9) with continus update (in fact in RAID 1). It work fine.

              The main diffrence between RAID 1 and Recovery is the capability for Recovery mode to update the recovery disk "on demand".

              "On demand" protect the state of the recovery volume and allow a feed back to an old configuration.


              I also write a post on this subject ~3 days ago, with somes questions, but w/o answer à this time.

              Mainly i would like to know if, in continus recovery mode, the 2 disks are used to read (as RAID1), or only one.