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    Edison doesn't flash & drive isn't showing up


      Today when I tried to "opkg update" I got the message that dev/root is 100% filled, so thought of flashing the device. As the Edison drive didn't show on my computer I decided to use flash tool lite.

      But it Fails.jij.PNG

      10/01/15 22:25:23.684 ERROR : [Port 0/1/2] Command `"C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Phone Flash Tool Lite\dfu-util.exe" "--alt" "u-boot0" "-D" "C:\Users\ramit\Downloads\edison-image-ww25.5-15\u-boot-edison.bin" "-t" "4096" "-d" "8087:0a99"` failed

      10/01/15 22:25:23.684 ERROR : [Port 0/1/2] Flash failed (Command type: DFU)


      This is what I can see in the terminal. Btw this is my device manager window


      Please help me I was making an Instructable about a game (http://inteledison.xyz )I made for the Edison. But now I cannot do anything