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    Edison bluetooth can't find controller




      I have been trying to run the bluetooth LE on the edison and it seems it is not working since it cannot find device? what could be the problem, here is the output i get when i run

      hciconfig hci0 up

      Can't get device info: No such device


      I try the same thing in bluetoothctl for scan on and it also can't find anything.


      I also have already installed all the required npm packages and ran the following before that:


      opkg install bluez5-dev

      Package bluez5-dev (5.24-r0) installed in root is up to date.

      Collected errors:

      * opkg_conf_parse_file: Duplicate src declaration (edison http://repo.opkg.net/edison/repo/edisonhciconfig). Skipping.



      Please Help !


      Admir <M