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    The Intel NUC: Widi as your only display in Windows 10.


      Hi all,


      So I was playing around with one of my D54250 NUCs and Windows 10 tonight, and decided to see if I could get Widi working as the only display. I went through a similar exercise before and was only able to make it work with Windows 7.  But it seemed like it should work so I took a crack at it.  I found it should be possible.  I only say "should" because I no longer have my HDMI dummy adapter to actually test it. Before I left Intel I sent it back to the NUC team, mistakenly thinking I wouldn't need it any more.


      Anyway, here's the setup:


      1. Connect the NUC to a display (HDMI or displayport, doesn't matter)
      2. Connect your widi adapter to a second monitor (I used a Microsoft adapter, but in theory this should work with any widi adapter that works with Windows 10).
      3. In Windows 10, right click on the Windows desktop and select Display Settings. 
      4. Select "Connect to a Wireless Display" and, well...connect to your wireless display.
      5. Configure your displays to be mirrored (same image on both).
      6. Select the option to make your wireless display your main display.
      7. Shut down the NUC.
      8. Disconnect the physically connected display and connect your HDMI dummy adapter.
      9. Power up the NUC.
      10. Wait long enough for Windows to fully load (mine takes about 30 seconds or so).
      11. Hold down the Windows key, and hit K. This is the Windows shortcut for connecting to a wireless display.
      12. Wait a few seconds, then hit enter. (for this to work your widi adapter needs to either be the only one in range, or named so that it's the first one listed)
      13. Your wireless display should connect and you should see the Windows desktop.


      I tested this as far as I could without the HDMI dummy.  I booted the NUC, then disconnected the main display, then used the keyboard shortcuts. That worked, and my widi display was my only display.  But without an HDMI dummy adapter I can't say for certain it will work.


      Note: Don't expect wired performance.  My widi display worked perfectly fine, but there is a noticeable lag to mouse movements.


      If any of you are interested and have the adapter, I'd love to know if it actually works.