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    The 14.7 Network Driver doesnt work with the PRO/1000 PL Network Controller (14.5 did)


      Downloadded the latest intel network driver which currently is 14.7 and loadded it onto a fresh XP install on a Asus P5LD2-VM which usses the intel Pro/1000 PL network controller and it cant establish a connection at all, even when you put in the network information manually. Ive always used the newest driver on these boards and it hasent been an issue. I had a backup of the 14.0 driver and it worked fine, and then downloadded the second newest, 14.5 and it worked fine aswell.


      So something was changed in 14.7 that dropped support. Inside the RelNotes.rtf of the driver it still refrences the 1000 PL sort of, in the middle of the compatible list it breaks and says:


      "The Intel PRO/1000 PL Network Connection supports jumbo frames in Microsoft*

      Windows* operating systems only when Intel(R) PROSet for Windows Device

      Manager is installed."


      It doesnt refrence it anywhere else (was the same with 14.5 and 14.0 aswell though)