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    DP55WG Issue


      Basic System Config. is DP55WG motherboard, core i7-860 processor, xfx HD575X radeon video card in pci e x16 slot, highpoint rocketraid 4320 raid controller in pci e x8 slot, 8 gig corsair dominator memory (recommended for this board), no other addin cards, windows 7 ultimate x64, latest bios on motherboard and highpoint card, no bios update for video card available, latest drivers installed for all products. The issue is this, the computer fails to properly boot 3 times out of 5 (or so). there is a beep code of 2 long beeps when the boot sequence fails (intel beep code list variously describes this error as either video error or parity error). sometimes when it is possible to boot the os it will run for 1 minute or less or up to 30 minutes then either freeze or the system will reboot. sometimes it will reboot cleanly, others it will give the 2 beeps. there has never been a "blue screen" os error. there has not been any event viewer indications other than "unexpected shutdown". when the original bios was in place the system would not complete booting at all unless i setup the raid array using the intel matrix controller instead of the highpoint. this is how i was able to "flash the bios" as i was able to install the os on one drive of my array. right now i'm not sure if the motherboard will support a video card in the x16 slot and a raid controller in the x8 slot. all intel documentation i have read makes no statement one way or the other. it is my opinion that there is either a base memory overlap problem or a irq issue. for any that can help i have much more extensive documentation of the system setup and memory and irq assignments.


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          hm you seem to be confusing me a bit, i cannot tell if you are having hardware problems or potentially software issues concerning you're raid config.

          i have the same board and had some sticky issues getting it to run smoothly using an add in raid card, i forget the specifics now though.


          can you be more specific about your config. where is each drive connected (add in raid card or directly to the mobo?) where is the os installed?


          does it boot from cd fine??  if this is an issue concerning the raid array connected to the add in card then i would say try a fresh install.


          boot from cd, load the raid drivers during the windows installation and try a fresh install onto the array that is connected to the add in card.  that should solve it assuming that your add in card is acting wonky.


          however, the fact that it is failing to post 3 out of 5 times would probably lead me to believe that is not the issue. what voltage is you're memory rated at?

          interesting that the led debug is giving you a code that is pointing to your video card, i would have guessed that to be the last problem.


          not sure that it is of any help, but i do recollect that this board is unable to boot without a graphics card installed.

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            Good Day Sir

            to clear up the confusion, it seems to be a hardware issue. the beep codes, 2 long beeps,  show up at system boot (post). all of the HDDs are connected to the add in raid card (7). the only device that is connected to the motherboard sata controller is the DVD. in the BIOS the SATA controller is set to IDE. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 is the installed OS. the system boots from CD or DVD with no problems. during the times that i've booted to the operating system it works well for a time (1minute to up to 30 minutes at a time) when i can get past the beep code issue. i've installed the os, some applications & Windows 7 updates. the os has come back up after the hardware issue (i think) every time, no corruption. the memory is running at 1.65 volts (using SPD settings) and has been tested using memtest86+ for 7 iterations and the testing shows "no problems reported" (after nearly 7 hours worth of testing). there has been, to date, no attempt to change any of the settings for processor or memory from what the bios loaded. i'm not an "Overclocker" i need a stable system and will work with it as is after i've gotten it to stablize. i've purchased another video card (different manufacturer, and different chipset manufacturer) to see if the issue goes away. if any more information is needed please ask ...

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              hm thats a strange issue

              did you manually input the dram voltage?

              or did it automatically assign it?


              maybe you should try uping the uncore voltage to 1.2 to see if that helps. not sure it will, but it may be worth a shot


              on my system i recall uncore default voltage is 1.1 and i read it should always be with .5v of, if that is the same with yours, the you are 0.05 away, from the recommended specs, not that they ensure stabability....but you never know.


              other than that i would try to take out the raid card completely, and just try to boot with 1 hd connected to the mobo in ide and see if you still get the same issue.

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                Good Day


                Since my last communication I've tried several configuratons. i purchased another video card (PNY 9800 GT EE) and installed it. the problem changed a bit. the beep code issue went away but system stability has not improved much. i have purchased a 500 Gig WD HDD and have gone to a 1 HDD attached to the motherboard solution. again the issue has changed a bit but overall system stability is still in the toilet. now i occasionally get a Windows 7 "BSOD" and a crash dump, the mouse glitches less but still does and anomalous system reboots still occur. there are now only 3 original pieces of hardware left in the system that have not been swapped out or replaced the motherboard, the processor and the RAM. I'm currently entertaining the idea if returning the motherboard and memory to NewEgg and trying a completely different (read non intel P55 motherboard and ram) solution from different manufacturers.

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                  ah thats frustrating as hell

                  its very rare to have a falty processor but possible.

                  especially if you notice BSODs occurring at the same time more or less, i.e running the same type of application.


                  it could possibly be a faulty motherboard.

                  but regardless it sounds like one of the three is faulty though, and you did say you preformed memtest... so that leaves 2


                  did you try upping the uncore voltage like i suggested?


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                    2 long beep is related to ram issue..


                    enable automatic setting in Memory at the bios !

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                      as a DP55WG owner, could you please take a look at this thread: