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    DX58SO, PCI expansion chassis problems


      I built a machine mainly for audio production only to find that most audio guys are stearing clear of this board! I know, my bad for not looking deeper before diving in. But I have always been please with intels boards.

      The problem I'm having is that my PCI expansion chassis is not working on this board as it should.  I have an Avid branded conventional PCI expander with 3 UAD-1 cards (audio DSP) intalled. what is happening is that only one of the cards gets an IRQ assigned. The other 2 are seen in the windows hardware profile but are non-funtional.

      Other audio guys are reporting that the PCIe slots are not working for te UAD-2 PCIe cards they own.  I hate to throw away a brand new expensive mother board!!!

      I'm using windows 7 ultimate RC  but I doubt this is OS issue as I ran this config on my other computer with the exact same OS with no trouble.