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    Is there an Intel version of ThrottleStop?


      i7 4710MQ, laptop.


      I got my new, shiny laptop relatively some months ago, but I noticed that when playing games the CPU's frequencies dropped like a rock, down to 800MHz or so (which often times negatively affected gameplay), which to me was insane since the base clock of the CPU was supposed to be 2.5GHz. Why would I buy a 2500MHz processor when I need it most...just to only get 800Mhz?


      I used Xtreme Utility to monitor thermal throttling (since that's all anyone ever writes about online when downclocking is involved), but there never was any. The temps were always fine.


      Long story short, a couple of hours ago I discovered ThrottleStop, and it's like the most beautiful piece of software ever. It's exactly what I wanted. If I play a game now, I actually can play it at at least the advertised base clocks, which is all I, the consumer, ever wanted. I mean, what's the point of having a 2500MHz processor that runs at 800MHz? I mean, come on....


      My question, as per the thread title, is if there is an "official", Intel version of ThrottleStop. The Xtreme OC utility doesn't "guarantee" frequencies, which often ends up being a problem. Yes, in Windows the processor power management is at 100% min, 100% max, High Performance.