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    D34010WYK win7.1 video driver?


      I checked the download website and the only drivers I could find were for w (Drivers are listed as win7.1 but the install rejects win7.1. The readme files in fact say not for the D34010 even though they are on the D34010 page). Could not find any legacy driver pages Did I miss anything?

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          I agree; I am seeing the "does not meet minimum requirements" message when I try to run this on my D54250WYKH (running Win7 x64). I am reporting to ICS...


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            Hi claytonstan,


            Can you provide the link to the Download Center record that you are trying to use? I need to check on the version info we have out there.





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              I was at the page

              Intel® Download Center

              I downloaded the first driver, and that gave me the message "System does not meet requirements..".

              Today I noticed to my embarrasment that there was another driver which did install.

              However, I believe the 4248, win7.1 should not come up when the search is limited to the D34010WYK.

              Are we positive that the WYKH shares all the same drivers as the WYK? Or is the hardware interface identical and just more room for the expansion disk on the H?



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                Hello Claytonstan,


                The Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK and the NUC Kit D34010WYKH have the exact same motherboard and components. The only difference is the height of the chassis to allocate an additional 2.5 inch Solid State Drive, so the drivers should work fine in both models.


                Based on the testing done by Scott with the Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK which uses the same motherboard but different CPU, there seems to be a problem with the driver file.


                I am sharing this report with my support team so we can perform some testing with this file.

                Thank you for reporting it