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    System Hang on Intel DX58SO board.

      Dear Sirs,


      I bought a Intel DX58SO board.

      When I install one our serial card (PCI Express option card) on the DX58SO board, the system hang out (all function, control and display stops).

      The PCI Express option card is serial card and it expand number of serial COM ports in the computer.


      But we found one strange thing for the test result.

      Assume we install a serial option card on the PCI Express bus of DX58SO,

      When we test the option board in the MS-DOS environment, it works well without system hang.

      But when we test the option board in the MS Windows-XP environment, it hangs out soon.

      We found the difference between MS-DOS and Widnwos-XP using PCI Express protocol analyzer(CATC).

      The difference is the user defined message on the PCI Express bus.


      I attached our capture file.



      You can see the user define message at packet 246357.

      I think the problem caused by this message. I would like to turn off this message usage.

      Could you let me know how to turn off the this message?

      And please let me know what is this message? I checked the X58 chip datasheet and I found GPE message and NcMsgS-PmReq Message. Is this like these messages?

      I already tried to update ROM BIOS but it is no use.

      Please give me some advices.


      Best Regards,

      Louis Kim