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    When trying to install Windows 7, I get a BSOD with igdkmd64.sys as the culprit.


      So recently I attempted the jump from 32-bit to 64-bit in the form of Windows Vista 32 to Windows 7 64. My processor has 64-bit architecture (It's a Q9400), so I assumed if I did a clean install of windows 7 and formatted Windows Vista off of my hard drive completely, that I would not have an issue. When (I think) i'm almost done with the installation, and when windows is "starting up", the BSOD comes up with the error:






      Technical information:


      *** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFF88103878FE6, 0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFF880049A51DB, 0xFFFFF880049A50000000000005)"


      [Could have misplaced a zero..]


      Anyways, if anyone could me know what my problem might be.



      Intel DG43NB desktop motherboard

      4GB DDR2 @ 800mhz

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 processor


      If any further information is needed let me know but I do not have the exact model names for the hard drives that I am using.


      PS: ANY information will probably be helpful please I cannot find anything about this error really. Thank you for your time!