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    Intel edison USB Host Bug and other issues


      Intel edison has so much potential and so many projects can be done with it except for the following flaws.


      There is a serious USB host bug where say if I attach a usb web it keeps appearing and disappearing on subsequent reboot (doesnt appear in /dev/video0 at times). Intel acknowledged its a bug failed to solve it.


      It quite hard to solder those Hirose 70 receptacle for projects that doesn't require a custom board....the sparkfun blocks are terribly expensive (for people only needing say USB)


      The SD Card connectivity documentation is so obscure that we tried so many level shifters, none of them get recognized i(ubilinux)


      The kernel is so old, the engineers dont bother updating it....


      I wish intel does something really quickly about it, I hate to say with so much money spending and resources at hand, it can managed way better.