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    Latest Intel Driver for HD 4600 (4279) does not support Windows 10 correctly


      Hi Intel,

      the driver for I7-4771 HD 4600 and Windows 10 still has problems on my system (I7-4771 16 GB ASUS Z97-A, Eizo  EV2736W Displayport):

      1. All drivers published since July except 4252 cannot render W10 Start Flyout correctly. Colors are incorrect and not stable.
      2. When switching the display off and on again or when restarting after Sleep, the driver resets the screen to a 1024x768 resolution and then updates it to the resolution set by W10. This leads to garbled desktop icons which is a miserable mess.

      The default driver from Microsoft has no problems to handle rendering the Start-Flyout.


      Pls. advice how to proceed.