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    DG45ID and HDMI Video Out


      So I was using a Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H with a C2D CPU, 4GB RAM, and Windows 7 with minimal problems.

      Long story short, the riser card for the case was not compatable with the PCIe port configuration and I ended up getting a DG45ID.


      I was able to install Windows 7 through the DVI prot (DIV->VGA).

      I installed all of the updated drivers and even updated the BIOS.

      I unpluged the DVI and hooked up the HDMI...nothing.

      I rebooted with only the HDMI....nothing.


      No BIOS

      No Windows 7

      No Login Screen




      If I restart the computer then unplug the HDMI and plug in the DVI (DVI->VGA) I get an image.  Unplus the DVI (DVI->VGA) and plus in HDMI....nothing.


      I need to get this working or this board is going back.  After my previous experince with a DG45SG I don't know what happened to Intel boards but if this problem cannot be resolved this is my last board form Intel.

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          Question on your set up are you using a graphics card or just the onboard graphics ??

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            I got it working through DVI but havn't had a chance to test it out over HDMI.  For some reason this board didn't like my PCIe riser card when there was no graphics card in the riser.  When the riser card was present (without any card in it) the board disabled the onboard DVI/HDMI port.

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              When you plug in a graphics card the board automaticly disables the boards graphics ( DVI & HDMI ) So all graphics go through your add in card . you can't use both it's one or the other.

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                The problem is that isn't what I was trying to do.

                I wanted to run 2 internal TV tuners through the riser card.

                The riser card (with nothing attached) disables the on board video.

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                  I am sorry I misunderstood your problem , can't help you there Don't watch TV on my computer.

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                    Which slot is the riser card installed?  It should only disable the HDMI / DVI when an add-in is in the PCI Express 16 connector.

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                      Ya.  I figured it out.

                      Even an empty riser card will disable the on board graphics.  I am sure glad that Intel made this clear before I purchased this board as I just wasted money on this POS.  I can no longer have duel TV tuners via a riser card as any card via the riser disables the on board graphics.


                      2 Intel boards purchased recently and both have been a major regret.

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                        It burned me too.  I have one TV tuner card and I needed to add a sound card so I made sure I didn't have to put it into that connector.  Did you get another MOBO?


                        I actually stumbled across your post because of the weird HDMI issue you mentioned in the original post.  I just want to use the HDMI and I can't get an image.  It keeps saying 'No Signal'.  When both are plugged in I still get nothing.  I did plug attach another monitor and I finally got an image but it forced me into a dual monitor setup and put the HDMI connected one to be the 2nd monitor and the DVI as primary.  Still trying to figure out why I just can't have the HDMI only for my monitor.

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                          Have you guys tried setting the BIOS graphics setting to mannually select the onboard video?

                          Shot in the dark here.


                          Also, there are several cards out there that have dual HD tuners in a single card, single antenna connection, is this a solution as they use a single PCIE x4 slot.

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                            Actualy I did the reverse and set it to automatic (HDMI only).  I will try to plug in a DVI later into my other monitor and see if it works.  I don't have a dual HD Tuner card but I would imagine that as ong as you don't plug any card into the PCIe 16X slot you should be okay.

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                              Hye there,


                              I have a dg45id ether, I know the problem,


                              My external videocard did work but not my onboard hdmi, until i plugged all my ram memory out the pc en let 1 hang in.

                              The bios ressets the settings automatic and it work until now . First i tried resseting the bios by jumper and batery but no outcome

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                                So, if I understand the original post correctly, this sounds like exactly my problem.  Long story short, I bought a Shuttle SG45H7 PC with the intention of it being my media center PC with Windows 7 Ultimate.  I've been uber-BURNED by the onboard HDMI graphics shutting off as soon as I plug in a card into the PCIe slot.  I guess Intel assumed that if you are using the PCIe, it must be a graphics card, right?  Wrong!!!  I need that for a TV tuner card.  And as there's only ONE PCIe slot, I'm therefore screwed.  I'll spare any more details to keep the post (and story) short, as promised.


                                So bottom line is, either I can use the computer without the tuner card, or I can use the tuner card as long as I sacrifice HDMI, possibly DVI.  I've tried regular old PCI tuner cards (hard to find, and they not only can't record 2 digital channels at once, they are laggy and suck) to no avail.  I've also tried regular old PCI graphics card (ditto).  So I think I blew $1200 assembling this PC only to realize that Intel provided an auto-bypass HDMI "feature".


                                But, is there ANY way to disable this?  BIOS, as you mentioned?  Registry tweak?  Checked driver?  Anything?? I'm desperate!


                                Thanks for the help!