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    DQ45CB: Add 4 gigs RAM, POST slows...

      Greetings all!


      Like most I have a problem. Mine seems rather strange to be honest. I added new ram and the board became turtle slow on POST. I have a Core 2 Quad, and I have a DQ45CB, both fairly new. Originally came with 4 gigs of ram, 2x2g pc2 6400 800mhz if that matters. Everything was running great until i installed 2 more modules. With the modules inserted, the blue screen with the intel logo at the very begining is painfully slow to load. It actually draws the screen line by line, like downloading a .jpg used to be on a 2400 baud modem! This screen used to take a few seconds to load, now it's in the neighborhood of a minute. Also, when I access the bios, these screens an excessively long time to load as well. I can actually watch it draw the text for each option window in the bios as I arrow over from screen to screen where as before it was instant.


      Everything is set to defaults and the only thing I've done is add the memory. When I take the modules out it goes back to lightning fast.


      I'm running windows 7 64 bit too, but the problem doesn't seem to be with windows. It's occuring before the system actually starts to load the OS. The OS seems to be taking a good deal longer to load as well.


      Any ideas?




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          Hi there,


          This error indicates 1 or 2 issues: 1) the additional 4GB RAM are not compatible with the board 2) the new RAM may not be seated properly. When you insert RAM, you should press down in the center so that the locking ends engage. Then you should check each locking end to make sure it is secure.


          Also, make sure all 4 RAM chips are identical. Just because the RAM meets the specs of the motherboard, it is unwise to mix up differnt modules. They should all be the same identical part number. If not, there is a chance you'll get errors.


          I currently run a Vpro workstation as my main office PC: it has a DQ45CB motherboard, 8 GB of Kingston value RAM, a PNY Quadro Workstation graphics card, and an Intel E8600 CPU. No problems at all.

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