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    Newly overheating with my Intel Core i7-4790K CPU


      For about a month, my CPU has been working beautifully, but as of a few days ago, it has begun overheating and i cannot play any games at all on my computer. I have a great gaming rig, 8 gigs ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, but it just won't let me do anything at all more than looking at Facebook.


      I have updated BIOS, i have put in new thermal paste, i have underclocked it using XTU, and i am going insane without a single remedy working.


      I still have the stock cooler on, exactly the same as when it was not overheating. Since i built my computer, i havent had a single problem, until now.


      Has anyone else had this problem? Am i just looking at the wrong thing as a problem?