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    DH87MC and mSATA SSD support


      I've been using a DH87MC motherboard for almost a year with satisfactory results.  I've recently been trying to add an mSATA SSD with miserable results.  I tried a Crucial, which worked for a bit and then developed "bad clusters".  I RMA'd that one and got a replacement, but soon had the same issues.  I RMA'd that one as well.


      Yesterday I received an Intel SSD 120G 530 mSATA BB MPN#SSDMCEAW120A401 and installed it.  The DH87MC does not recognize the mSATA SSD at all.  UEFI shows the mSATA slot as "not installed".  Intel® Desktop Board DH87MC — Tested Peripherals] shows mSATA SSD's as working with this board.  Desktop Boards — Solid-State Drive (SSD) Compatibility indicates that the DH87MC board supports mSATA natively.  What must I do in order to use an mSATA SSD with this board?  Are any mSATA SSD's truly compatible with this board?

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          I worked with one of the Intel techs and we were able to reproduce this issue. We also tried using a 530 Series mSATA SSD on a DZ87KLT-75K board and it worked just fine. As well, I use a 525 Series mSATA SSD with my DZ87KLT-75K all the time. Bottom line, this appears to be an issue that is isolated to the DZ87MC Board's BIOS and to 530 Series mSATA SSDs. He has reported the issue to the factory for cause analysis. Stay tuned; hopefully this will result in a BIOS fix.


          Note that your issue with Crucial drives failing likely has nothing to do with this issue with Intel 530 Series mSATA SSDs. Regardless, he is asking the factory to look into this as part of their testing of any fix. We'll see whether it (also) fixes that issue...



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            I'm having the same issue and would like to be informed of any fix please.

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              I could find no resolution for the DH87MC/SSD conundrum, so I changed boards to a DH87RL (µATX) and everything works just fine now.  The tradeoff is basically fewer USB ports, which I can live with.

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                Hello, bbearren:


                Good to hear that DH87RL is working fine with your mSATA SSD.


                Any additional quesitons or inquiries that could be present, do not hesitate to contact the Intel Communities back.



                Esteban C