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    Run Intell SSD Optimizer under Windows 7 BootCamp on MAC


      What happens if you run Intel SSD Optimizer under Boot Camp Windows 7 setup.


      I own 13 MacBook Pro 2.53Ghz Model (late 2009) with Intel x25-m 160Gb G2 34nm


      I have installed Windows 7 x86 Ultimate and allocated 30Gb to it. My firmware is still not updated as I am waiting for the final release, but the question is would I be able to TRIM my MAC Partition at all? Any advices would be greatly appreciated.

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          Don't do it, unless  you have very good backups. The TRIM command does not work on a Mac filesystem.  Not knowing what the tool does on the windows 7 side it could look at the whole drive regardless of OS and it may attempt to perform the TRIM function on the MAC partition.

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            Yeah, thanks for that. You see Back Up is not a problem. I would like to know if Under BootCamp in Windows 7 I run SSD Toolbox optimiser then the whole HDD would be optimized and not a Boot Camp partition only. Or maybe I should use MacDrive 8???.


            I could not find anything on google with people doing it for different partitions. The information it shows is as a single 160Gb drive under that piece of software... hmmm... Has anyone performed anything for Multiple partitions?



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              It's my understanding that the automatic TRIM in Win7 works with the filesystem to erase the targeted cells at the time of delete, rather than on the fly before rewriting data.  This allows the new data to be written to those cells instantly, rather than having a delay while they're erased.


              If the manual TRIM tool looks at the filesystem to determine which cells are used and which are available for erasing, then it would either erase the Mac partition (i.e. anything not used by the Windows filesystem) or it would only erase the cells assigned to the free space in the Windows partition (i.e. only the Windows free space).  If the drive's controller keeps track of used and available space, then the Toolbox could simply be "dumb" and send a command to the SSD where all the smarts are, and it could erase only the cells that it knows are unused.


              Like dbm said, we don't know exactly how the tool works, so we can't say exactly what the results will be.  Once you get the new firmware, make a backup and give it a shot.  See if it wipes your Mac partition, or if you get increased performance on an amount of space equal to the Windows free space, or if you get increased performance across all the free space on the SSD.