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    DG31PR Does not boot with Pinnacle PCTV 50i


      Hi, I have a DG31PR with Intel Core 2 Duo E5300, brand new, I've tested it in 3 pcs with the same hardware, and one old Intel Pentium 4 @ Intel "old" mother wich i dont want to stand up to see what model is it.


      When I plug my Pinnacle PCTV 50i on DG31PR, the PC starts, fans works, i THINK HDD boots, not sure actually, BUT, i cant see a thing on my screen, the screen gets "offline" as if it was on hibernation or power save.


      When I unplug it, it boots just fine


      What I've tried:

      update to last Bios

      pluged pci card on both pci slots, no response

      selected the onboard video card as default

      different kind of Bios configurations, enabling and disabling all sort of stuff...


      whats my problem here? It boots just fine with an old Intel mother for P4...