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    DP45SG Power on with Keyboard


      Can anyone advice if possible to turn the PC based on this board on with multimedia keyboard power button (..or, for example Spacebar; Ctrl+F12) ??


      As i understood from manual its possible to do, but i can't find how actually to do this in BIOS? BIOS ver. - SGP4510H.86A.0121.2009.0828.1117


      Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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          Do you mean from S5 (so like completly off) or from S1/S3?

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            Form S3, - as i understand this is the mode that keeps PC at 5VSB and allows to power PC on. The problem is that my optican mouse doesn't light.

            I should do one note - i use USB to PS/2 adapter cos the KB and Mouse are PS/2, - i beleive the problem can be that these devices do not support this function. Anyway, it would be nice to hear some ideas from other people

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              Nope i am pretty sure that the keyboard dosen't have to "support this function" as sush.


              What i do know is taht you need to set the sleep mode to S3 in the BIOS and then in windows (if you are using windows) you need to click allow this device to wake system,. To do thyis you need to go to the device manager, then right click on teh keyboard and then go to the power management tab.

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                No my friend, i think not exactly like you told.

                In the device manager is possible to make the power give on USB port/ports (not on the certain device but on USB port in which this device is plugged in) while PC is in waiting mode. There also mentioned that device should support this option.

                But i'm talking about S3 mode, when there is neither OS nor OS drivers loaded.

                I've red on one website that when 5V StandBy power(the PC seems to be off but 5VSB direct current goes to USB) is on, optical mouse should glow, - this is the easy way to see if USB is powered, - but there is no glow in mine. I also red that some Motherboard producers make an option in BIOS that allow to choose which USB ports to supply with 5VSB. This option is useful when there are many devices plugged in to avoid big power losses. With this oprion it's easy to choose the port with KB and mouse, but it seems no such option in DP45SG's ver.0121 BIOS..

                So the question for $ 1 000 000 - how to give 5VSB power to USB to make mouse glow