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    Drone : Edison low level flight controller ?




      I googled about Edison and Drones, but mostly only find Edison as a companion chip to do Telemetry or Computer Vision. All Low Level Flight control was handled with other chip/board....


      Do you know if there an existing project that I can join/contribute to do this ?


      I do not see technical blocker that could prevent Edison to be a complete Drone solution with low level flight control. The MCU SDK should provide RT capabilities so I do not see why motors can not be driven by an Edison board. Does anybody knows if I am wrong or not ?



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          Hello redafenj,


          The company 3D Robotics has a Drone (IRIS+) based on the Edison. Their prototype was based on the Arduino Expansion board. It could be of your interest.


          You can also find a project using Edison as companion computer for a Drone in Edison for Drones | Developer.


          The document Intel Academic Drone might be of your interest.


          I too share your opinion. I do not see why the Edison wouldn't be able to fully control a drone. As you mentioned the Edison has RF (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) capabilities that makes it convenient to control a drone. If you decide to continue your project and build a drone based on Edison, it would be very interesting and I encourage you to share it on the community.