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    DX58SO BIOS issues: slow boot & bootable devices can't be disabled


      Hi all!

      I am new here, and a new owner of a DX58SO, and I7-920 running win7. I have a few problems with the board, which I believe are BIOS related.


      Here are the details:

      1. when running the latest BIOS (4405):

      • slow boot: it takes a total of 70 seconds to boot into win7. 25 - 30 seconds of this is until the "Intel boot screen" (where it says "press F2 to enter BIOS") shows. It takes another 10-15 seconds until the OS actually starts loading. So the win7 boot time itself is only ~30 seconds, with ~40 seconds needed by the board / BIOS to get ready.
      • when I disable bootable devices in the BIOS boot menu (network boot / USB / removable devices / optical devices) and only leave HDD to boot from, the system hangs during the win7 boot.

      2. after going back to an older BIOS version (4196):

      • I can now safely disable bootable devices and the system boots. (this makes me think I am dealing with BIOS issues here)
      • The boot is still slow. In fact, even slower than with the latest BIOS. It now takes > 90 seconds to get win7 booted.


      I have set the boot order to the HDD with the OS (WD velociraptor) as the first device, if that matters.


      Any input on how to solve these issues and get a faster boot time is highly appreciated.


      - turtle.

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