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    intel Warranty



      im trying to send a motherboard as a warranty, however im facing problems and i think they are related to the intel website, so how can i send the warranty order using another url address or something?

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          Please apologize for the inconveniences.

          We offer several support channels that you can use in order to claim for warranty on an Intel product.


          Using link below you can choose your location and the product type, then the tool will offer different support channels like phone, email, chat, and online service.




          For a faster service I will suggest the telephone option. 


          Please bear in mind that warranty procedures are different depending on the geographical location.

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            Thank u for ur reply but i have tried the link already and i couldn't submit my request.Concerning the phone, im in z middle east and it happens that there is no phone number mentioned, as for the live chat, the operator is always off. I also tried to get help from the community by posting my problem but there is no reply yet. And finally regarding the online service request ( which the utility i usually use) it doesn't work well as when i want to choose the product (the 1st field in the page) it displays error mentioning it is a wrong option..

            And when i search for warranty coverage of my product, it keeps displaying the word searching

            Forever whitout giving me any results.


            So how can i send or check for my product warranty? Please help again..


            Thank u