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    intel lan adapter not found on DP55WG under Win7


      Hi, i have problem like some another people have..


      I can't instal driver for network/lan under win7 64bit, i have it integrated on mb DP55WG. Before on Vista 64bit everything works fine, but yesterday i upgrade my system to Win7 and now i can't instal any intel network driver (PROWIN7X64.exe).


      After upgrade win said that he can't install hardware, so i uninstal it from programs and from hardware too. Than when i try to install PROWIN7X64.exe, win only send me message : Cannot install drivers, No Intel(r) adapters are present on this computer.


      So i don't know what to do. I was trying some other driver versions but nothing work. Is there any way how to fix that?


      Thanks for answer..