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    Network Teaming, Error, unstable, please help - support email = useless


      Hello Eveyone!


      This about intel network teaming. built onboard supermicro x7da8 motherboard, intel network ref: pro/100 eb. running windows xp sp3.

      Driver_Version: intel driver: 04/12/2008 proxxp_14.5


      I hope someone can give me a clue... network teaming issue, is often unstable, constant error message below. contacted intel support, sent useless email instead of answering simple question: HOW DO I TURN OFF REMOTE MANAGMENT FEATURES?


      How do I turn off Remote Management that is listed in error so that I can create a stable network team?


      my supermicro motherboard network is intel pro/1000 eb.



      The adapter cannot process the remote management features and be a member of an EtherChannel or 802.3ad network team at the same time.




      thanx all!


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          The warning message is logged because at least one port in the team is identifying itself to the driver as being used for IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). The message warns that remote management traffic to the management port will be dropped.


          There is no setting within the Intel Network Connections software that can configure or turn off IPMI


          I looked in some of the Super Micro User's Guide, but I could not figure out a way to disable IPMI.


          One potential way to work around the issue is to not use the port with the MAC address that the system reports as being used for management. If IPMI is available on your system, there should be a BIOS configuration screen for IPMI Lan Configuration in the Advanced settings that will display the MAC Address.


          I hope this helps you find an answer and I wish I could be more help. Maybe Super Micro support is aware of a solution that you can use.


          Mark H

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            Hi omg and Mark,


            I am also unable to team (bonding) two existing Intel PRO/1000EB NIC card. We are having Supermicro motherboard (Model:- X7DB8). I had started teaming (i.e from proporties --> configure --> Teaming) from original (primary) NIC card which is having the ip address but after teaming, virtual NIC is not taking original (Primary) IP address. Please guide me if i am wrong. As per your above reply, i will check with Supermicro. Do we need to remove MAC address of primary or secondry NIC card from IPMI configuration? Kindly help....