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    Enternal Analog Reference mode not compiling in Arduino + Intel Galileo Gen 2


      I am trying to use external voltage reference in Intel Galileo gen 2 operating in Arduino mode.

      So I created a setup code like this:

      void setup() {

      // We'll send debugging information via the Serial monitor


      // If you want to set the aref to something other than 5v

      analogReference(EXTERNAL); // use AREF for reference voltage


      I selected the board as Intel Galileo Gen 2 in Tools option. When I compiled I am getting the following error:

      LM35_temp_sensor.ino:21:19: error: 'EXTERNAL' was not declared in this scope 

      But when I change the board to Arduino Uno in Tools option, the program in compiling fine.

      This means that Intel Galileo Gen 2 does not support external analog voltage reference?