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    my nuc i7 has problems



      My Intel nuc i7 ryh 6100 is doing strange things and doing random things. In order for you to fully understand my set up here I am including all the information you need. 2 x Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM 1.35V., Dell P2714H 27 inch Professional Widescreen .850 evo 120 ssd gb hard drive m.20 . And a Toshiba 750gb 5200 rpm hard drive. I have also got a cd rom connected to the usb hub on the monitor which in turn is connected to the intel nuc. Any way the issues here is the machine sometimes turns itself on even when it is off. I sometimes have to  restart the machine as it sometimes does not restart properly as my cd rom  drive does not always auto play. Most times it does but quite a few times this has happened. I also have experienced the machine refuse to shut down I see the machine hang a lot with a blue round icon spinning from time to time. When this happens I have to turn the thing off. I have like 5 computers and do multiple installs on my other computers so see this and think something is wrong whats going on with it? I have herd people report having issues with some brands of ram. Please let me know whats going on. This machine is less than 6 months old only used about a month.  I have installed all the drivers and software from the intel website from new in june Many thanks Paul.