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    dual monitors on HP Deskpro 400 and HD Graphics 4600?


      Hello All -


      The school at which I am a technologist purchased 90 HP Deskpro 400s.

      The computers contain an Intel HD Graphics 4600.


      About 25 of these are slated for dual monitors and have both a VGA and a DVI-D Dual Link output.


      I have connected one of the Deskpros to two monitors, both are an HP L1706 and I want to do an extended display on these two monitors.

      One is connected to the VGA output and works just fine. The other is connected to the DVI via a VGA - DVI adapter.

      Nothing appears on the monitor connected to the DVI at all. In fact, the power light on that monitor stays amber.


      I talked to HP support and they said the arrangement I want would work.

      I have done everything I can think of to solve the problem, starting with basics (restarting after physical connection, updating drivers, etc.).

      I have also gone through BIOS to look for a pertinent setting and on the motherboard itself for a possible jumper or whatever.


      Still no good.

      Is it possible to do an extended display under these conditions?


      Thanks to anyone able to help!!!