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    Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300-N AGN Broken


      First off, I'd like to thank Intel for giving me this W740SU ultrabook 2 years ago at a raffle at the Seattle HQ (during an Iris Pro demonstration), it's served me well, and I've appreciated it more than anyone else who could have possibly won the raffle - so a huge thank you, sincerely. On to the issue:


      As I said, I'm using an W740SU CyberPowerPC ultrabook, which I got directly at an Intel office, so I expect the device is supported (har har)! I have a Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300-N AGN network adapter, and it's completely, utterly, 99.99% broken with Windows 10 on this device. I'm always "connected", but my speed is 0-1Mbps, rarely more than that, on a 25Mbps connection. I've tried:


      • Testing other devices in the house to isolate the issue to my device.
      • Changing the channel on my gateway
      • Uninstalling the device
      • Updating Drivers
      • Rolling back to various drivers from the most recent, to 2013.
      • Deleting the driver, and manually installing drivers.
      • Much more, that I simply can't remember right now.


      That being said, nothing has worked. Directly wired works, using my TP-Link USB adapter works perfectly, but my natural adapter (Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300-N AGN) is just not working. I've seen various canned responses that this device isn't "officially" supported on Windows 10, but I don't find that an acceptable response, as operating systems move forward, and modern technology that isn't depreciated (this adapter for instance) should be supported, one way or another.


      I don't care what I need to install, or from who (Microsoft, Intel, 3rd party, etc), but I would really appreciate an official, working response to this issue. As I said, I won this laptop from Intel, Intel gave this to me, it has Intel hardware, I expect it to be Intel compatible. Thanks a lot of taking the time to read, and please let me know if you have any further questions.