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    My processor runs at very high frequency




      I have been using my PC for over 2 years with this configuration:

      Windows XP Professional SP2;

      Intel D945GCNL Motherboard;

      2 GHZ Core2Duo (E4400) processor;

      250 GB HDD;

      and 2 GHz RAM ( 1 + 1 GB RAM sticks of Different makes, Different Models, and DIFFERENT FREQUENCIES.


      Recently i have downloaded the Intel Processor Identification tool from the Intel website and it shows the results as follows :


      Intel processor.JPG


      How is this possible ???


      A 2GHz processor running on 12.36 GHz frequency ...!!!

      and a 800 Mhz Bus running on 4946 MHz...!!


      is the identification tool faulty or is the system faulty ??



      what should i do now ??


      does having two different RAM sticks of different frequencies damage a processor ???