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    Remote Keyboard NUC on Windows 10 - Workaround for setup issues


      After installing the latest version (1.3) on my Intel NUC D54250WYK running Windows 10 Enterprise 64-Bit (english), I had trouble getting the software to work.


      1. Problem: Drivers

      In the first tries I stumpled upon the driver signing issues: Remote keyboard (1.01) drivers for Windows 10 are not correctly signed

      By disabling the driver signature enforcement I was able to install the drivers, getting the unsigned driver warning. Afterwards checking confirms the drivers in this package are unsigned.


      2. Shortcuts and startup

      Even after avoiding the above issue and having the virtual USB-devices up and running, the software did not start. I checked the box on the last setup page ("Launch Remote Keyboard ...") and later clicked on the icon in the start menu. Also tried several reboots, without any change. The tray icon never showed up and the device could not be found by the clients. No event log entries.


      Finally I wanted to l wanted to launch the application in the command prompt. I noticed that the start menu shortcut wanted to invoke a scheduled task, which failed. Checking the task manager I realized that there actually is no scheduled task by that name. Giving it a shot I browsed to the installation folder and manually executed "Remote Keyboard.exe" and it worked! In the end I changed the start menu shortcut to the executable and added a "Run"-entry in the registry to automatically launch the application.


      So, I hope I might help someone to get this cool application running and also help the development team to fix problems in the next version.


      Have fun!