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    NUC5i7RYH and problem usb keyboard logitech


      I am using NUC5i7RYH with certified hardware, RAM etc and just installed last bios.


      when I use the keyboard logitech mouse logitech corded economic

      and everything is perfect


      if you use the mouse logitech mx wifi anyware 2. everything works


      but if I use keyboards to type of gaming logitech:  when send command shutdown the OS (w7 w8 2012r2) the OS reboot poweroff and  auto poweron "not persistent power down"

      if change keyboard with simple keyboard logitech the OS correct power down.


      ** and another problem that creates gaming keyboard= the anyware mx 2 wifi sometimes it moves jerkily, as if he lost communication usb. If change mouse and use simple usb mouse logitech working.
      ll these problems are not dependent on OS driver or because they occur even if they are inside the BIOS graphical UEFI INTEL. So you can not blame the OS.
      I contacted support via chat and they said that if the keyboard and mouse are not listed NUC compatibility problem is not them and not interested
      if one reads the list of compatible models is very old. and then when you have to buy even the keyboards and mice certificates for a computer?
      I state that I have already changed the NUC and tried other keyboards and mice of the same category and the problem persists
      I tried to open a service call but the site does not make me INTEL create account because it says that the password does not meet the security policies that I have read several times. I tried to create accounts from various people, but we are all fools no one can create accounts.
      I hope that this forum of intel someone reads it otherwise because the type of assistance received certainly does not buy more of these products their particular


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          What specific Logitech Gaming keyboard(s) are you attempting to use?

          How are you sending shutdown command to O/S? Are you attempting to use a key on the keyboard or are you using shutdown command from start menu?


          I have both Gen1 and Gen2 Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboards and they work flawlessly (but I am testing with D54250WYKH). I will be testing with new units shortly...



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            for test use G110 and g510

            I turn off the computer with the OS command

            and 4 seconds after that is off turns on by itself and mouse anyware mx2 wifi sometimes it works in spurts


            the keyboard is perfect working on another motherboard and mini pc without problem


            il change mouse and use cable mouse not spurts and perfect working but if shutdown os the system auto power on. if change key board the os stop correct and PC stay power off

            hen the logitech keyboard creates two problems: it does not take off this computer, and runs the wrong mouse wifi


            if you put a keyboard economical running fine including wifi mouse




            I think therefore that it is the logitech keyboard evolved to create all the problems


            although I do not understand why the mouse with cable works and what no wifi




            however these keyboards evolved logitech (Gxxx) + anyware mx2 mouse - . perfect work on other PCs without letting them turn and without interfering with USB ports





            I came to try up to 15 different configurations, the problem is only with the nuc. And it is only because the hardware





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              I understand you have the latest BIOS installed but It seems to be a hardware compatibility issue. Does this problem occur with earlier BIOS versions?


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