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    Samsung Ativ 500 T SSD - Windows 10 Upgrade - Graphics Media Acceleretor Drived?


      Hi Guys, I have a Samsung Ativ 500T intel Atom and I tried to migrate to Windows 10 but 50% thru the process i got a Watchdog Blue Screen. Ive been doing lots of research and the error i got before migration when i reserved my Windows 10 upgrade was" Graphics Media Accelerator is not compatible. This went away and i got the message that Windows 10 is ready. I started the migration and got the Blue screen and it rolled back to Windows 8.1. Is there a link i can use to download the correct driver? I downloaded the Intel driver utility update tool and ran it but no results came up. Since I've now tried to migrate and it failed I now have 30 days from (24th September) left to upgrade after which i will not be allowed to upgrade for free.???



      Windows 10 - You good to Go.jpgWindows 10 Graphics Media Accelerator.jpg



      Please help!!! Many Thanks Paul