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      I have a RAID 5 array with 3 drives.  Recently one of the drives failed.  No big deal I thought.  I swapped the drive and rebooted.  The bios asked me if I wanted to use the new drive, I said yes.  It said it would rebuild in Windows.  Makes sense.  Go into Windows and the Storage Manager Console says the 2 drives are offline members.  I can't figure out how to get them online. I reboot and the bios sees them as offline members as well although it clearly sees they are present.  I think most of the data is backed up but it is about 7 years of home photos and videos.  I'm afraid some of the videos may not have been picked up by Carbonite so I'd like to get the array rebuilt.  Any clues on how to get it to see the two remaining drives as online so it can start a rebuild?


      When the drive failed, I could hear it spinning down and attempting to spin up.  I replaced it.  When I rebooted, the BIOS prompted to add the new drive (or something like that).  When I got into Windows the storage manager didn't load and I had errors so I rebooted.  This time the BIOS showed the other two drives as offline members.  It seems like they have been erroneously marked as offline.  I'm looking for some way to mark them as online again so that the storage manager software can re-build the array.

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          Hello @MrD,


          Have you tried switching the SATA ports or changing the cables?

          In RAID 5 whenever you have two members offline there is no way to make them online, if there is no option to re-build the RAID you will have to re-create.