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    Memory config on 3420GP mainboard


      one of the reasons I recently chose to buy this board with a xeon 3460 is that it can handle 32 gb.

      so I bought 6 x kingston KVR1066D3Q8R7S of 4 Gb(1066) each

      First problem is with that mem speed I can not use all six slots (the system doesn't boot), back to 4 then, no problem but instead they are running at 800 Mhz now because that mem type is quad ranked...


      I am now seriously considering of putting all those kingstons for sale and buying 4x 8gb 800Mhz dimms, but that memory type is not yet listed in the supported config (but is listed in the intel memory configuration tool)


      so before throwing any more money away, I want to be sure about what type of 800Mhz dimms I need to buy in order to reach the board's maximum memory capacity...