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    DP45SG wont show correct reading of Processor?


      i am using the bloody DP45SG board already a victim of it before and now this the 2nd Board which really makin me so much upset, the problem i am facing it wont show the correct reading of the Processor Q9650/3.0Ghz.

      The problem is when ever i trun off the computer, completely turn off removing the power cord from the Power supply and re-insert it back and On the system the system whos the reading of processor 2.4Ghz Instead of 3.0Ghz i dont have clue how to resolve this issue i have done so many Emails to Intel but still NO Solution, yesterday i again reinstall the windows once again which probably 7th time i am doing nothing solved same thing as ever Please guys help me out i dont wana send this board again in warranty