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    My computer doesn't work, what do I do?


      When I start my coputer, the monitor is started with lights and the fan, but there's nothing on the screen. i tried to change ram from slot to other but no way , problem is found . i bought new fan for processor , but problem is found


      My Mother Board : Inter DQ965GF

      My Processor : Inter P4 3.0Ghz / 2MB cache / Bus 800  LGA

      Ram : 2GB DD2RAM-800 Kingston ( one )

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          Since I haven't read anything about this memory configuration I'm not sure if it is a problem but I would like to know myself.  Some systems may not work well with single channel instead of double channel (read the product guide).  Most people would choose to use the biggest sizes to allow for upgrades but it may not be a good idea.  If you are using Vista or Win7 it would be a good idea to add 2GB RAM now.