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    What Matrix Storagew Manger do i use with Windows Server 2012 and Intel 631xESB2 controller?


      I'm not sure if this is a chipset issue or an RST issue so I've posted in both forums.


      I migrated a Supermicro X7DWA-N computer which has a 5400X (Seaburg) Chipset from WS'03r2x64 to WS'12r2x64.  Both instances had all the current SP's/Updates installed.  The disc subsystem is RAID5 using the ESB2 controller; 6 drives spanned to 2 volumes.  For the WS'12 install, I F6'ed the Intel driver (2010-03-20) and this installed fine and is now supporting the system.  The Intel chipset package Chipset_10.0.27_Public.zip did install and is currently supporting the system.  Now, I cannot find an Intel Matrix Storage Manager to administer the system.  I tried the SetupRST.exe of versions 14.5 & 14.6 and they won't install; unsupported platform.  I tried some of the older versions too.  Is there an Intel supported manager for my scenario; am i using the wrong chipset support, am I doing something wrong; missed something?