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    Intel nuc5I7RYH not responding when not using for a while


      When i'm not using the pc for a while my display turns off. Sleeping or standbye mode are disabled.

      When i return to my pc and press a key or touch my mouse the screen turns on but then the pc is not working well. sometimes there is a black screen with only my mousepointer or my desktop is showing but my shortcuts are gone. The Pc is slow and nearly responding. When i try to turn it off in windows 10 it's not responding. I have to press the power button 2 times and then windows is shutting down. Sometimes it takes an hour for this issue but sometimes this is happening after 15 minutes. I think it looks like the cpu is underclocked to save power consumption but it is not returning to full speed again.

      Sometimes it is directly working when i turn it back on but sometimes i have to pull the power cable for a few seconds and then it is booting again.


      I already tried a complete reinstall of the nuc with default bios settings and reinstalled windows in uefi mode with all latest drivers available (19-9-2015). I turned off ready mode technology and fast boot mode in bios and all sleeping mode or standbye timers in windows (except for turning off display).


      I'm out of options here so i hope that you could help me with this.


      Thanks in advance.


      regards ricardo