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    NUC5i5RYH no HDMI playback device


      Sound/Playback devices show 2 items. TX-SR605 Intel Display audio (Default) and Speakers Realtek. No mention of HDMI


      BIOS - latest. Audio via HDMI checked.

      Windows 10. All updates.

      Drivers. I have used both the Intel Driver update Utility and directly downloaded.


      Hardware. HDMI audio works to the Onkyo TX-SR605 using my WD Live box. The only difference is the cable because the WD has a full size HDMI socket. I have tried using the original cable with an adapter and also a cable that was purchased specifically because it is (supposed) to work with a NUC.


      I updated from windows 7 but unfortunately did not test the HDMI sound before hand! I have subsequently done a clean install of Windows 10 to no avail.

      Just don't know what to do next. Any suggestions please?


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          Hello johnemo,


          Checking the DxDiag you attached I noticed that the graphics version installed is the and right now there a new version available the Here is the link please go ahead and give it a try win64_15407.4279.exe.


          Could you please let us know how are the connections between your NUC, the TX-SR605 and the WD Live box?

          Have you tried using the just NUC and the WD Live box?





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            Hi Amy, thanks for your reply.


            My WD TV live is connected to one HDMI input and the (only) other input is from my NUC. Sorry I was unclear but just trying to make the point that my Onkyo accepts my WD and gives me audio but the NUC does not. The paths are not completely like for like as I had to use a different HDMI cable. I have also swapped inputs with the same result.


            I have dual booted with Ubuntu 14.04.3 with the same result - no audio.


            I found a reference on the Internet about screen resolution affecting the audio - did not seem possible but when I changed the screen resolution to a 'TV mode' of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 then I got stereo audio! The default resolution of my Pioneer PDP-508xd is 1360 x 768. Obviously not satisfactory with both video and audio crippled.


            I updated to the newer driver from your link. (BTW why does the driver updater software and the driver page for NUC5i5RYH not show this updated driver?) The result of the update now shows in playback devices all audio formats that my Onkyo is capable. Unfortunately it is back to square one with no audio at all even if I use the 'TV mode' resolutions.


            I'm puzzled by these results. Is it the Intel driver software at fault or is it a problem Onkyo HDMI manager that WD have 'solved'.


            Don't know what to do next and would be grateful for suggestions.




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              All is working now.

              My Pioneer screen has a menu option to choose whether the input is a ' video or pc'. Choosing 'pc' but setting the  NUC resolution to 1920 x 1080 (even though I had the message that it was not the optimum resolution.

              Using the latest video driver.