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    Intel Atom 3735F HD graphics installation problem (Windows 10)


      Hey there!


      I have a 2in1 tablet pc from Reeder (Model number is W100ic) a local company in Turkey... It has gen7 graphics and I have upgraded my OS to win10 recently.. Problem starts here. Once I upgraded everything was fine windows activated etc. But I wanted to clean install windows 10 on my tablet for an optimum performance... So I did upgrade and every single driver installed without no problems but HD graphics .. I tried everyting, everything ... I have installed chipset drivers , Z3700 series driver packages , Intel HD graphics ... (downloaded them from offical intel links) still no way to install HD graphics driver and my screen just looks laggy because of driver is missing ... Windows doesn't automatically recongineses it too.. Also I tried updating it from hardware console from my computer too ..


      Error just says : This system , does not meet the requirements for installing software .. and that's all .. I tried older versions, every possible way you think ..

      Please just don't say Intel is not responsible for providing specific drivers , please contact manufacturer etc. Because It's not an actual way of solving problem ...


      Have a nice day :!

      (So everybody reads and move on ... thank you for great support Intel community)