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    New processor help

      I just bought a 2.5 Ghz Core 2 quad processor upgrading from a 3.4ghz Pentium D processor. After I put carefully put in the new processor and heatsink, reconnected everything and fired it, I just get the one screen telling me what will take me to setup/BIOS. This screen will come up and that is pretty much it before nothing else happens cant enter bios/setup and it doesnt boot up.. My mobo is ASUS  P5KPL-VM  775 socket...


      Any Suggestions??

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          If the embedded cpu was a Pentium D, the bios version have to be  0105.

          I guess you have to upgrade the bios to at least 0704 (last one is 0902). The best way is to reinstall the Pentium to do that, unless there is a recovery option on that mobo.



          If fact there is no recovery mode but you can use EZ Flash tool (Bios on a Flash Disk and pressing ALT+F2 on boot) on it Message was edited by: emmdeb